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So you have to be careful since this can create internal tensions. A part of your personality always longs to have social and emotional contacts.

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As a result of this attitude, your partnerships are difficult or problematic, in particular marriages. The water was very thick and nasty, they having none but what they brought from a great distance, out of holes and pits in the woods, and kept in calabashes, or long tubs, which hold about four or five gallons each ; however, it served our purpose, for at that time we were not very curious. Through luck and talent it mostly gets what it wants.

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Having an objective and devotion for researching the unknown and to find answers to the mysteries of life. They search for the truth, especially in the psychological and spiritual domain.

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Has talent as a leader and often succeeds in business or politics. But it also represents the loneliness, isolation and renunciation.

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