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Norwegian Man Gets Raped By Male Somali Refugee In Norway; Feels Guilty When He Gets Deported

Norway deporting immigrants. Norway deported record number in 2016

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Many of those fleeing war or poverty in Afghanistan or Somalia are denied even a secondary education, let alone a degree, making it especially hard to find work. However, it may not be so much the lack of talent that is holding them back as it is the cultural infrastructure, norms and worldviews in the society…it simply is not designed to create individuals who disrupt things and are celebrated for it. In key organizations dealing with refugees and diversity there are few refugees or immigrants sitting on the boards of those organizations.

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The Norwegian refugee process as a system seems embedded with the sentiment the refugees have it good if they have shelter, food, safety and security and anything other than learning Norwegian and about the culture is a luxury. Figure 2 shows where the immigrants come from and the children they have. Dinner for refugees at my old home.

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Therefore in Norway, refugees are often denied psychological and self-fulfillment needs. This process takes years and is a waste of effort to both Norway and the refugee. So I understand why they would like our life, our kind of standards. Those who come to Norway without any education — what are they going to do in the future if this continues?

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Certain cases of deportation that are unjust often get the attention of the media, as they should, how many of those are representative of the overall refugee case load I do not know. So I understand why they would like our life, our kind of standards. However, Norway has issues as well, no place is perfect and unfortunately when dealing with issues such as inclusion, diversity and how to answer its own after oil question, well Norway needs help in my opinion especially since most likely the three areas are related. The rest of Europe, she believes, is coming around to the Norwegian position.

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Note, no single immigrant group stemming from refugees exceeds one percent of the population. It is not until the refugee accepts becoming subservient to the system, as opposed to being treated as equals or valued, they are offered a place in the society and often that place is a menial one. And, as she says, an increasing number of other countries think the same. I have the feeling, based on speaking with many immigrants here, this is due to Norwegians are often quite kind and willing to help those in need but once refugees accelerate ahead of the Norwegian in social status there is often a tendency for jealousy to set in.

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