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Lead Belly - Pick A Bale Of Cotton

Oh lordy pick a bale of cotton meaning. Pick a Bale of Cotton

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Pancocojams showcases the music, dances, language practices, and customs of African Americans and of other people of Black descent throughout the world. Lyrics and criticism The song, particularly its original lyrics have been criticized as racist and reminiscent of the slave period in American history. You're singing about picking cotton, for Christ's sake.

Lyrics and criticism

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She's a little flighty though, kind of a ditz, so maybe she won't get it either. It's now one thirty.

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The songs have served much the same function for modern prison slaves as the work songs of their slave ancestors. The song was featured in an episode of The League season 4, episode 7.

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A number of comments are given in Addendum 1 to this post below. The original lyrics contained the word "nigger" multiple times. Covers and adaptations[ edit ] You can help by adding to it. The more the lyrics progressed, the faster it was sung, reminiscent again, of slave labour.

Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band

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