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Oki hangover. Italy's best (and weirdest) hangover cures

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The endorphins released through sex can dull the pain and give you a feeling of happiness. You feel like drinking water and spitting it out at the same time.

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Oh, and by the way, this is why you should never go driving the morning after a night out. The same study found that people who overestimate the level they can drink without getting a hangover are more prone to alcoholism. The endorphins released through sex can dull the pain and give you a feeling of happiness.

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That means you were also draining your water supply somewhat. If you can manage to nod off for an hour or two, you might just feel better.

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Deep fried canary and owls' eggs soaked in wine were their go-to breakfasts for the morning after a heavy night, according to writings from the time. Coffee, a vasoconstrictor, temporarily can improve your headache by decreasing the size of blood vessels. Since they tend to savour their alcohol alongside a meal, alcohol abuse is less common in Italy than in many other European countries, and lots of Italians claim never to suffer hangovers. Those who routinely reveled in the hair of the dog that bit them drank 2 to 3 times more alcohol than other adults in the study, and they had significantly higher rates of alcohol dependency.

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