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Oleander tree poisonous. How Toxic Is Oleander to Humans?

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Larvae of the common crow butterfly Euploea core and oleander hawk-moth Daphnis nerii also feed on oleanders, and they retain or modify toxins, making them unpalatable to potential predators such as birds, but not to other invertebrates such as spiders and wasps. Symptoms of leaf scorch infection may be slow to manifest themselves, but it becomes evident when parts of otherwise healthy oleanders begin to yellow and wither, as if scorched by heat or fire. Ancient societies were well aware of its fast-acting poison and, because even a small amount proves deadly, it was often the food additive of choice for would-be assassins.


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Fortunately, the malicious poisonings appear to have been an isolated incident, and local law enforcement has identified a "person of interest. There is also a variegated form, 'Variegata', featuring leaves striped in yellow and white. A dose of 0.

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It is most commonly grown in its natural shrub form, but can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk. The plant is tolerant of poor soils, intense heat, salt spray, and sustained drought — although it will flower and grow more vigorously with regular water. Another horse became sick, but recovered. Caterpillars of the polka-dot wasp moth Syntomeida epilais feed specifically on oleanders and survive by eating only the pulp surrounding the leaf-veins, avoiding the fibers.

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