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Patriot Guard Riders honor ex-Navy SEAL

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You may also send an email to a member through the forums by clicking on the email option below their name in any post. The website does not accept jpg format for avatars and bio pictures.

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You can access your Forum Profile by clicking on your name next to any post you have made or by entering the forums and clicking on My Profile found on the right above the blue header bar. Idle conversations and meet and greets can be posted to the Off Topic or State sections of the Forums. No, our main national organizational email addresses are reserved for leadership only and are to be used for PGR business only.

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You will see a tab marked Subscriptions. This is a suggested basic list. One of the organization's founding members and first President, Jeff Brown, who previously operated the PGR merchandise store, filed an objection. Mission info and updates as well as monitoring the site terms of use TOU.

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Complete info for sending pics is listed on the homepage of the site. With this option you may add pics to your post. The trailer trucks in Canada carry more weight and are larger than in the US, so you need to be more cautious. There is a link labeled All Forums in the Navigation Pane to the left of the website pages.

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