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Video about pouring diesel on tree stumps:

🌳 How to: Killing, Removing, rotting out tree Stumps naturally w/ Epsom Salt (Two-month follow up!)

Pouring diesel on tree stumps. Killing tree stumps

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These systems provide compounds to "aid burning" or compounds to "aid rotting". Two systems are offered, both requiring deep holes to be drilled in the stumps, which is arduous and time-consuming work. Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer:

how to kill a tree without killing everything around it?

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Step 2 Turn on the drill and drill six inch-deep holes into the top of the stump. Goringfolly I do not advise the following for you if the tree is near the house but out of interest there is the following method.


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Step 3 Drill holes at a degree angle downward through the bark, starting three inches below the top of the stump. Let the fire smoulder. We have several stumps of ancient birch trees along one boundary, totall dead, but still bearing the tell-tale criss-cross marks made by a chainsaw, or similar.

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