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The Three Forms of Serosorting


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HIV-Negative men and bug chasers are not allowed. Profile HIV status choices are: Click on thumbnail to enlarge. September 26

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And if holding out the possibility of more intimate condom-free sex helps keep HIV within the HIV-positive world, why not use it as a plus? But something was taking place behind the scenes and soon the parties were destined to change the course of history, where one HIV status would rise up over the other. Profile HIV status choices are:

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HIV-Negative men and bug chasers are not allowed. These topics are addressed in the " Sex Venue Etiquette Resource Guide " for America's sexually active gay and bisexual young men; because not everyone wants to get infected with HIV or wear condoms. But at the same time the danger of infecting your loved one is real for serodiscordant couples, even when consistently safe. Same for neg-neg monogamous relationships.

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The man is still alive, thriving actually. It also helped that "The City" is the largest city on the North American continent.

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