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The King Pack: S2E13 - I Have The "Rite" To Remove Curse!

Rite of remove curse. To Dispel a Curse: A Heavy-Duty Cleansing Rite

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Rite of Remove Curse. Crafted from an Ent Twig and Mutandis Extremis. A Mystic Branch allows an infused player to draw symbols in the air to produce magical effects.

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Fetishes Magic Mirror Certain famous witches have been known to require a bit of a ego boost from time to time, and have found ways though magic to achieve this, in the form of the Magic Mirror. To Dispel a Curse: Mirrors within mirrors Placing a mirror on the wall while inside another mirror, does not appear to have any real effect, although altar power may allow it to break the barrier between to mirror spaces ensure that you have a second mirror to place to allow the return journey back to back mirrors do not need altar power. Between each breath say:

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Be aggressive in expelling negative forces refusing to give someone the satisfaction of destroying your life with a hex. Crafted from an Ent Twig and Mutandis Extremis.

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Be aggressive in expelling negative forces refusing to give someone the satisfaction of destroying your life with a hex. Default 12, lower numbers for more density, higher for less.

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