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I'd Come for You - Nickelback *Lyrics*

Rock songs of love. Best Modern Rock Love Songs

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And no band has more than one entry. I absolutely love them and every single song they have.

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Love Is Only A Feeling proves how well The Darkness assimilated their influences and then moulded them into a unique style. I have this song on my phone all the time, I'm not one for love or believe in true love so I don't search for it but this song shows heartache and longing but honestly, if you want something in your reach leave for it, the song shows cheating too so that's probably why I like it. This isn't even close to rock. Love Avenged sevenfold forever!

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And no band has more than one entry. I think the 80's aren't. Does the song ebb and flow gently, and then suddenly — when you least expect it — erupt with the gush of a tsunami? In the meantime, grab hold of that lighter and hold it proudly aloft.

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