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Seattlerefs. Reference: RidgeStar-Soccer Referee

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If accepted, grants, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are all available - often in addition to your regular grant or loan. Thus, by default, the Assignment must be at least 1 hour from current time in order for the Rule to pass. The Rule defaults to "no flag required". The Pattern can be a comma separated list containing 1 to n specifications e.

What is a Referee Management Site?

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However, it is possible to add a Rule "suffix" to any of the Rule Names to permit each Site to distinctly identify a Rule. If you are spending the summer with your grandmother in Spokane, you can take a clinic there! The Pattern specifies the 2 character code s for the required Paperwork e.

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Default is 1 true. License Evaluates the applicable Referee Grade Badge, etc.

About this certificate

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The related Pattern consists of two values separated by a comma. So yes it affects us but not more than the call last year, but probably less than the call in the SB. After Verifies that the Assignment is scheduled for a Date and Time sufficiently in the future. The individual Values are Case Sensitive names and must match exactly the name of the data element in the Users table.

Seattle Soccer Referee Association

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