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Non-governmental organizations NGOs , like many organizations, rely on technology to help them achieve their mission. For example, Netki is leveraging the DNS for blockchain identity in compliance-related applications.

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The traditional model was to help a new business initiate its web presence, and then reconnect at subscription renewal time. As businesses continue to form and expand, they will look to quality new domain names that help them manage their digital brand identity more consistently and more compellingly. A few years ago I was asked about what the next year will hold for the industry, and I said we would see a year where larger companies purchase other companies in the space.

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The approved report is issued within three months of the end of the mission and the IAEA encourages all host organizations to make it publicly available. Sellers can count on this continue in , especially in combination with keywords from the AI and Fintech industry.

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As businesses continue to form and expand, they will look to quality new domain names that help them manage their digital brand identity more consistently and more compellingly. Even anticipated challenges require good solutions and cooperation industry-wide. These are really encouraging stats that show more and more end users who have purchased premium domains are putting them to good use.

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