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There are reports of a young woman hanging from the ceiling beams, a shepherd with his dog, and the disembodied screams of a man who at some point, supposedly, was killed by having his head thrust into the fireplace. You can view them as part of life rather than as problems. In , an image captured by paranormal investigator Julie Hunt appears to show a pillar of white mist ascending the staircase. Those bastards murdered my dad, you know.

John Humphries

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I walked around the side of the building, to the back, where the inn folded into an L-shape around a grassy yard. The building itself is uncommonly atmospheric. At the sight of a crisp twenty-pound note, John looked as though he was ready to burst into tears. Other sightings in the room include spectral monks, as well as the plumber who came face-to-face with the ghost of a mounted centurion.

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The area around the well had been subject to nightly disturbances when the Humphries family first moved in, though this had reportedly come to an end after John had placed a makeshift cross over the top of the well mouth. Pay attention to your erection patterns to help you decide if you need to see a urologist or a sex therapist.

The Haunted House of Wotton-under-Edge

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