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Smurfing means. Structuring

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There are lots of reasons people make them, but many of those reasons revolve around getting to stomp low level players, which is really unfortunate. One way to defeat smurfing is to disable IP broadcast addressing at each network router since it is seldom used. This account is technically a smurf, but I play all my games with level 30 friends so I don't ruin new player's games. Continued support from valve, tournament viewership, people to play with, yada yada.

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Save time by downloading our list organized by experience level. I don't think I need to elaborate on why this is a bad thing. The integration stage is where the money is returned to the criminal from what appear to be legitimate sources. Its like dwarf tossing but for blue people..

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During the layering stage, illicit money is separated from its source by sophisticated layering of financial transactions that obscures the audit trail and breaks the link with the original crime. The name of the exploit was inspired by a Belgian comic series that was popularized in the United States by Hannah-Barbera during the 's.


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A smurf attack is an exploitation of the Internet Protocol IP broadcast addressing to create a denial of service. Why don't people like being completely roflstomped, stuck in a 45 minute game with a player who plays at a level 10 ranks above them?

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