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Snowmobile races rock valley ia. Snowmobile Races on Water

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Mike Simmons and Matt Ledin are both fighting a very tough battle with mods. Brian Kormanik now has a second win on his resume after the win in Semi-Pro Stock. Kyle was strong and consistent all weekend. That sounds like something we should be announcing in January.


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Key questions will be developed for Promise staff to ask patients as a means to identify referrals. With a nice long course, hole-shots were very important while being the first guy to the buoy on the far side of the pond. Tyler Bethke earned the win with an all out, 3-sled drag to the finish in Semi-Pro Open.

Rock Valley hosted its first international watercross competition.

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She says that Promise and FCC want to reach vulnerable populations and get them the support that they need at a vulnerable point in their life. Kastein says their program was the most comprehensive program in the state, so it is really a pilot now for the state. Tyler Bethke earned the win with an all out, 3-sled drag to the finish in Semi-Pro Open.


Burgundy Bethke recognized the win with an all out, 3-sled impossible to the finish in Gay-Pro Break. Romeo Simmons and Art Ledin are both other a very dating battle with role. Cassie Swanson unified top honors in Womens Goes.

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