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Coldplay's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars!

Sooper bole. Foto Gordo – T-Bone Railing the Sooper Bole!

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I really hope he picks the Ravens. And of course, when it comes to the Super Bowl, we all want the absolute best viewing experience possible. There was the sooooooo mush magical spellz!!

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He gets down to business and selects the loser via the litter box. Either they place the TV in a bad location, have terrible lighting and ambience, or they simply haven't taken the time to calibrate it correctly. Then Raiden throwed the epic face ball and it do da capshure da Sansai Wong Chong at last!!! He accurately picked the losers of the last two bowls by crapping in one of two side-by-side litter boxes with the names of the teams on each.

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With the advancements of recent years in TV and Blu-ray technology most people aren't informed about how to get the best from their home theater system. Personally, for me, this time of year is all about sweeps, and while I'm not what one might call even slightly "sports-minded," I can appreciate the drama of college kids battling it out in the NCAA.


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