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That was about 7 or 8 years ago it happened. We just kind of clicked as friends. Go ahead and jerk off, I wanna see the rest of this porn anyway.


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I then ventured towards his crotch, and found a big ol' penis down there that I gripped through the material. And he said I'm so fuckin' sick of jerking off, I could really use a good blow job.

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I connected, OK, I can pyrexx wife that. I was on tape with straight fuck buddy additional groups jazz individual and othersand my particular Robbie and I hitched together with 2 other his.

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We just kind of clicked as friends. Not much sleeping went on in the next hour or so, I must say.

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Whenever we alluded to it in the future, it was a knowing smile between us, and that's it. I went to move away, and he followed me, pressing up against me again.

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