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Taller women dating shorter men. Marriages with Short Wives and Tall Husbands Are the Happiest, Says Study

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However, a lot of Japanese would love to look like a Western foreigner. Short of going the full hog and getting your legs extended seriously, it does happen , your only recourse is an elevating pair of platforms. Some even tried to climb Mt. There's rigorous debate in the scientific community as to whether height correlates to life expectancy — and, indeed, some research has shown that far from living longer, tall people are more at risk of cancer they have more cells that can go wrong, in layman's terms which can bring about an early death.

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However, as one academic in the field writes in an article for Psychology Today , "the real answer is we don't know for sure. And to cite them: And because you look different, you might be treated like an outsider — even if you were born in Japan! To start things off, I can tell you that one of the things that guys will talk about is who we think is a hot chick.

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It's certainly a nonsense to reduce any anger expressed by a short man as in some way intrinsically related to his height, when tall men have been known to throw their fair share of tantrums too. Although there are exceptions , of course. One of them might be very surprising.


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However, skirts and tops without long sleeves are perfect. It gets worse — or better, depending on what altitude you're reading this from. At least that could be one thing Japanese guys are afraid of.

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Why is that, you ask? In most Western countries the ideal of beauty nowadays is that a nice tan is the way to go. And what is worse, some of them even try to speak like dolls! Fit means that you have a low body fat percentage for women, having a body fat percentage in the lower 20s is good.

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