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The mermaid tavern poet. Mermaid Tavern

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Submit Thank You for Your Contribution! William Gifford , Jonson's 19th-century editor, wrote that the society was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh in , [5] based on a note by John Aubrey , but Raleigh was imprisoned in the Tower of London from 19 July of that year until , and it is hardly likely that someone of Raleigh's status and temperament would preside over tavern meetings. Yet, the ongoing problems with family disease probably weighted heavily on him and people want to hear enthusiastic stories.

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Many may think of Hans Christian Andersen's "the Little Mermaid" when deciphering the poem; however, the story was published in Gardiner turned to these "intellectual revels" at the Mermaid Tavern to express the independent genius of his friend G. Keats was compared to Milton who lived and worked at London's Mermaid Tavern.

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Coincidentally, his father, Thomas worked as a barman in London's Hoop and Swan Pub until passing in Many may think of Hans Christian Andersen's "the Little Mermaid" when deciphering the poem; however, the story was published in

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