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The waltons the graduation. A description of an episode of "The Waltons"

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I did manage to add another few digests to the archives, so if you are a recent member, you might like to catch up with those. It always bugged me that they use to list his name in the credits as "the grandfather" Thanks too for all the efforts you put forth to make the newsletters so interesting and full of information! As of this episode it is sometime in

The Graduation

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Yancy explains that he was just taking the chickens, not for himself, but to give to others who were very poor. Both Grandma and Grandpa are persuaded to go to the dance, but when Zeb sees Esther dancing with her old beau, he immediately asks Miss Emily to dance. The school musical is next week and both the boys are trying to recover in time.

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Grandma is terribly ashamed that she has to go back on her promises, but together, the family and the community work out a way to right the situation. Things are very soggy at the moment.

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