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Thomas Rhett - Marry Me

Top 10 country love songs. Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

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Other hits by new artists like Taylor Swift can be found too, but an ability to transcend generations is necessary for a song to be called the best. He is one of the best black singers working and serving the industry today.

Top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

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This song makes the list for its popularity over the last plus years. Take a catchy melody, lyrics with a ring of truth, sincerity and passion, and the times will do the rest. How could anyone, logically, argue against it?

10. Turn! Turn! Turn!

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Most country fans like the standards, while a few prefer other specialty treats. I make no apologies for including three Dylan songs. The folk rock band, The Byrds, enjoyed the most commercial success with their cover version in

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His love and passion for country music has an interesting story behind it. He gained a lot of fame in the year in the Hootie and the Blowfish band. Remember, even if you can't stand it, there is someone nearby whose Christmas won't be complete until they hear their favorite on radio.

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