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Jennifer Rush - Power Of Love (extended)

Top love songs all time. The 100 best love songs of all time

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Harden My Heart is a finely judged mix of glossy rock and lush synth-pop, and Ms Ross handles the bittersweet lyrics in a husky, soulful style. If she were to walk into my house right now I would get down onto my knees and start crying. Fantastic song that defines love in an awesome way.

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The Top Country Love Songs were chosen based on sales success, longevity, popularity in genres and mediums other than country music, lyrical content and staff opinion. I love this music! Should be listen by every 1 and feel the love.

The 20 Best Love Songs Of The ’90s

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Love Is Only A Feeling proves how well The Darkness assimilated their influences and then moulded them into a unique style. A-ha makes me A-ha, I finally found you!

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Alias - More Than Words Can Say Two fewer words and this would have the same title as an Extreme song the one which, as we said in our introduction, is a ballad without the power. Cher is at the height of her faux-metal-babe powers here; her resonant voice transforms this Michael Bolton composition from weak chicken soup into a rich beef stew. It has a huge, strutting chorus, but it is somewhat low on the libido count.

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The top songs are universal heart-melters, ones that very few can listen to without looking to pull someone sweet a little closer. And it's so true once you've fallen in love This one's gotta be higher.

The 25 most romantic love songs:

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