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Those in favor of the law — which included tech giants — will say this says more about the stuff being carried by Craigslist than anything else. But before anyone can go through them, all clothes must come off. Soon enough, though, they're invited to join a group of regulars — two men and three women — seated at a table. He still drops by sometimes, but she oversees the day-to-day operations.

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Pop songs thump through an expensive speaker system, and corresponding videos play on flat screens over the dance floor. The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University estimates that as many as 4 million Americans participate in some form of group sex or couple swapping. And yet, Monte says, "It's about much more than the sex. First moves begin with eye contact.

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Tonight, Marja is at the bar, having an intense — at times flirtatious — conversation with a man in his early 30s. There are toned, tanned business types and plump, relaxed retiree types. Then she folds the napkin and gently tears it in half. As he speaks, he caresses Karen's leg.

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Those in favor of the law — which included tech giants — will say this says more about the stuff being carried by Craigslist than anything else. By midnight, hundreds of people are scattered about the backroom, an orgiastic mass of flesh and overlapping bodies. This used to be their favorite club.

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