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The patient offers to pay his hospital bill in cash so that he doesn't have to give his insurance information. Cue several seconds of shocked silence. Then I'll be able to drain all the blood from his penis.

Campstove Stuffing

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Please choose a satisfying and delicious index page to put it on. Christopher Michos never has a chance to eat. Come on, guys, the boss is coming in. Michos, what's going on?

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Michos gets a patient who insists on speaking to him directly, in private, rather than do intake with the nurse. Next scene, Michos tells a nurse he's going to talk to the patient.

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When he first walks in with his girlfriend, every nurse in the vicinity immediately takes notice, due to the fact that he's dressed in nothing but two beach towels held together by clothespins, and is holding some large object underneath them, over his crotch. The others are not amused. Finally fed up with being stonewalled, Dr. I've seen a lot of blood and guts, but this is just a weak point.

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