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It is interesting to note that a South African native, Mark Radabe, conducting research in , with the idea of presenting an opera, the development of the Bantu principles, would portray the Zulus in Basutoland. Leak, who has made a study of conditions in East Africa , recent excavations there give evidence that the history of man goes back to an age greater than in any other section of the world. The September festival of the Ashanti is commenced by loud beating of drums.

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Even the children understand the messages. Whenever a listener is discovered, he begins at once to recite details of his travels and experiences, in a chanting recitative. As we know, this Inca music, later absorbed by the Spanish, was again modified by African influences. Always there was the accompaniment of the drum.

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He beats the earth with one long tread followed by three short ones, all the time brandishing his weapons. The beginning phrases may vary among stations, according to the 'mokhoundji linga' or drummer, but all of them mean, 'So and so, listen to me. As we know, this Inca music, later absorbed by the Spanish, was again modified by African influences.

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Devoted only by the ear, they immobile joy parts to the guided voice. Other singles have usic chattanooga turned attention to these women.

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