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Video about using soap for catfish bait:

FISHING W/ SOAP!!! DOES IT WORK?! (Give-Away Included) (Philadelphia, PA)

Using soap for catfish bait. CATFISH BAIT:

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Chumming and Baiting a Hole are actually two very different things. Grind and mix those together.

Is Chicken Liver The Best Catfish Bait?

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Discover Catfishing

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As for bait, the big ones love dead fish or stink baits , with flatheads behing the only live-prey hunters of the 3 main catfish species. We typically use one entire cake in each hole we are baiting chumming for channel catfish when using cottonseed cakes. Grain Sorghum is a food grain for humans, but in the United States it is primarily used as a food for livestock. SPAM is fantastic bait for large blue, channel and flathead catfish.

The Base For Catfish Bait

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