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Dance music for your brain! The band explores the sound of this ancient connection where cultural exchange left an imprint that became an integral part of Japanese culture. Carolina Oliveros belongs to a younger generation of cantadoras who have a deep connection to the tradition but have also been influences by all the music they were exposed to growing up: The quartet, one of her latest project, re-arranges some 20th century music such as Messiaen and Boulanger as well Bach and new compostions.

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He defies any easy pigeonhole, restlessly bringing fresh twists to old forms, absorbing influences, and creating musical poetry. Come dance, and be witness to the collision of these sonic perspectives as guided by rhythmic signs. Curtis Hasselbring is a composer, trombonist and guitarist with a large panoply of interests.

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Quirky author and composer Michael Hearst, along with his band, presents songs about Unusual Creatures, Extraordinary People, and Curious Constructions geared to curious families, extraordinary children and their unusual friends. He will be playing tracks from his brand new album on Chant Records -and more. His latest record, Too Hot To Sleep, is music that gets stuck in your head and keeps you up at night.

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