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Verachip. Verichip and the Mark of the Beast

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But there is something simpler which also defeats the technology. Non implant and seemingly harmless versions of RFID are already used to track an endless array of products, and you are quite likely to bring them home every time you go shopping. Another CIA front trait has to do with who is involved in the corporate structure.

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A burst of energy within a close distance usually a few inches charges the microchip enough to respond with whatever information is stored on it. At the scene of the crime detectives will often find discarded items potentially belonging to a suspect.


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Commercial devices are coming to market which will be surgically implanted and require some sort of power supply. And even more looking at other fronts known to me outside of the RFID playing field. By temporarily working for both Hughes Satellite and a major cell phone carrier where I was able to verify specific cell phone traffic and routing of tracking data. And the patent is absolutely correct when it states that "The device meets the growing demand for a new level of safety and peace of mind.

More about RFID implants and the Verichip

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