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Flu Shots During Pregnancy: Cause for Concern

Virginia mason bellevue flu shots. Virginia Mason's face mask policy assailed

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Ultimately, these collaborations benefit the patients and communities they serve. The group was behind the big push for new policies this year.

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It's going to make my arm hurt for a day,' " said Cassie Sauer , vice-president of public affairs for the Washington State Hospital Association. The group was behind the big push for new policies this year.

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Partnerships in health care are occurring across the country as a way to improve service, lower costs and respond to health care reform. Swedish Medical Center, where only 60 percent of workers got a flu shot last year, goes a step further. The flu is also one of the highest risk factors for pneumonia, Rakita said.

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It's going to happen, unless you do something to prevent it. About Virginia Mason Virginia Mason, founded in , is a nonprofit regional health care system in Seattle that serves the Pacific Northwest. It requires health-care employees who decline vaccination to wear a mask when flu cases are active in the community, generally from November to April. Such a partnership also ensures that state-of-the-art medicine continues in this community.

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