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The petition and the resolutions are ignored. Weekday hours off from 9: Republicans gain power in state government. Charles Etta Jones, a black woman, starts as a clerk for the Excelsior Life Insurance Company in Dallas and eventually becomes secretary-treasurer.

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Annie Webb Blanton is elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, becoming the first woman elected to statewide office in Texas. The next year the first AMF came into existence. She is later influential in the passage of anti-cigarette, pure food, and child labor laws.

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By the s, she had collected approximately , specimens in Mexico, Alaska, and South America. Paul Quinn College, the oldest liberal arts college established for African Americans in Texas, is founded in Austin to teach industrial skills to former slaves, both men and women. Black Presbyterian women in Houston organize scouting for black girls, the first such effort in the South.

Paleoindian Period – 1835

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Philanthropist Ima Hogg helps found the Houston Symphony. I'd be happy to read your thoughts on this. Terry Hanck Band 5 pm , Western Centuries 6:

1836 – 1860

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