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Weed and Feed for Lawns - Important Info for Results

Weed and feed vigoro. Weed & Feed Tips

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Again, this is mainly dependent on the environmental factors such as soil type, amount of shade, climate and level of rain received during each growing season. Rake the area and apply the seed and fertilizer. Vigoro fertilizer is much less expensive than Scotts brand products and is more cost efficient on large lawns. Vigoro Super Green increases grass growth in a limited amount of space maximizing its cost benefit.

Ease of Use

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Scotts offers a money back guarantee to individuals who call in to ask about products and what their advantages are. My Recommended Fertilizers on Amazon:

When to Apply

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For homeowners with exceptionally large lawns, buying expensive fertilizer may not be cost effective. The choice between Vigoro fertilizer and similar Scotts brand products is a personal one.

Cost to Use

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Considering the fact that most homeowners apply fertilizer two, three and sometimes, four times per year, the cost can be quite overwhelming. Scotts, garnered close to an 80 percent positive rating.. Vigoro, on the other hand, does not have its own system for answering complaints or receiving feedback.

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How much of the lawn is covered by shade How much time is the yard in direct sunlight How much foot traffic will the lawn have to withstand on a regular basis Will pets be allowed to run and play on the grass, and if so, for how long each day When each of these points have been looked into, a wise, cost effective decision can be made. The ground must be adequately prepared. A few of the things to consider include:

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