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2 Top Reasons Why Christians Fornicate

What does fornacating mean. What Is The Bible Definition and Explanation Of Fornication?

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Dissolution of a marriage by secular and governmental courts should follow the Bill of Divorce by a Pastor. The fact is, fornication is a sex act between two people who are not married to each other and it may or may not include actual relations. If he also exposes himself to other women or a woman, he is a fornicator and guilty of adultery. No, we go to the Greek and there we find baptism means to immerse, to dip.


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The adultery is the sin against the marriage union by the act of fornication with someone to whom they are not scriptually married. God chose the Greek to preserve his Word for years before there was a King James.

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Some claim that fornication is lewdness of single people. The fact is, fornication is a sex act between two people who are not married to each other and it may or may not include actual relations. It is a falsehood to say that only single people can commit unlawful lust.


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If God can divorce Israel for fornication in Jeremiah 3: Of course we always pray there can be reconciliation. If a wife cannot commit fornication Jesus could not grant a divorce for it!

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