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What does the name tammy mean urban dictionary. Urban Dictionary your name

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Welcome! I'm Andrea, and I like to tell stories. Click on my picture to find out more.

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A Sean is exciting, riveting, alive and real,breathtaking, adorable,and sexy through and through, magnetic, devoted, passionate, confidant and attractive. I just can't wait to see Leonard today, he's so sweet.

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I can guarantee that my Mom is howling right now. Sometimes a Tammy will scream and shout! Also is leader, and a risk taker and very fun to be around. The baby girl name Tammy is of English origin.

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Very athletic and amazingly hot. Also is leader, and a risk taker and very fun to be around. Anyway, I read a few of the Mama Kat posts and saw that more than one person had checked the meaning of their name on Urban Dictionary.

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