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Video about what happens if you shoplift from walmart:


What happens if you shoplift from walmart. WAL-MART sent me a bill for 150$ because I shoplifted a few months back and got caught.

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In New Braunfels, police have seen calls drop 36 percent since that Walmart began offering the Restorative Justice program. The interactive educational program is meant to help shoplifters understand why they committed the crime, how someone was harmed, and how to make amends. Walmart is hoping this big bet pays off for everyone. If you try to flee or resist you will have aditional charges added when the police arrive and they are usually already on the way.

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It's already making a big impact in San Antonio. If they choose not to prosecute it will be an exception to the rule. If you have fled the scene the officers will be given your description and they will hunt for you. Restorative Justice is putting a stop to shoplifting while keeping more police on the streets.

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Police are used to hearing the call "Shoplifting at Walmart. This bill was not sent to you by the police or the courts was it? Restorative justice focuses on three different questions:

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Justice does not mean a legal process. Gilbert also serves as the executive director of National Association of Community and Restorative Justice.

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Justice does not mean a legal process. It also educates people on how to reduce debt and create a budget.

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