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Video about what keeps deer away from plants:

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden: Natural Repellent Options

What keeps deer away from plants. Oh, deer! 10 cheap and effective ways to keep deer out of your yard (photos)

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I wish they would! Among the trees and shrubs are bamboo, pampas grass, yucca, barberry, butterfly bush, currant and gooseberry, hawthorn despite its apple-like berry , holly, mountain laurel, palms, oleander, boxwood and viburnum.

How to Protect Your Trees and Plants from Deer

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Not harmful, just annoying. You could accidentally plant something that your deer find absolutely delicious! Among these are hot pepper wax and piperene-based sprays. Shrubs like Russian olive, boxwood and oleander are also unappealing to deer because they are prickly and not pleasant to chew.

1. Don't over-stock your garden with tasty plants

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And if none of these work, just give in. As with commercial repellents, the trick is to switch things up, learning by trial and error, for maximum efficiency.


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Of course, guinea hens, llamas and donkeys will all raise the alarm when a deer is in the yard. This Gallagher fence was installed in less than an hour. No matter their size, their scent and bark are natural deer repellents so make sure the dog tags along while you're gardening or the kids are playing in the yard. For best results, you should treat your trees with a repellent before the deer start nibbling on them.

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