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Are Oleander Flowers Poisonous?

White oleander poisoning symptoms. Oleander poisoning

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Other general physical parameters were normal. The plant is tolerant of poor soils, intense heat, salt spray, and sustained drought — although it will flower and grow more vigorously with regular water. For this reason gardeners are advised to prune mature shrubs in the autumn to shape and induce lush new growth and flowering for the following spring.

Poisonous Ingredient

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Caterpillars of the polka-dot wasp moth Syntomeida epilais feed specifically on oleanders and survive by eating only the pulp surrounding the leaf-veins, avoiding the fibers. Furthermore, an irregular and weak pulse, due to the decreased cardiac output, will lead to cold extremities, and convulsions prior to death are not uncommon. Leaves are in pairs of three or whorled, very green, leathery, narrowly elliptic to linear entire. There is also a variegated form, 'Variegata', featuring leaves striped in yellow and white.


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Retrieved July 12, from http: The leathery texture and veins arranged in opposing pairs are further identifying characteristics of the leaves Figure 4.

Description of Plants

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Practicing physicians should understand the potential lethal properties of oleander and its availability throughout the world. Although it does not require pruning to thrive and bloom, Oleander can become unruly with age and older branches tend to become gangly, with new growth emerging from the base. The simple leaves are opposite or arranged in whorls, and they have an oblong or lanceolate shape varying from 4 to 8 inches long. Yellow is unusual Peach color Nerium oleander is either native or naturalized to a broad area from Mauritania , Morocco , and Portugal eastward through the Mediterranean region and the Sahara where it is only found sporadically , to the Arabian peninsula , southern Asia , and as far east as Yunnan in southern parts of China.


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Die-back may cease during winter dormancy, but the disease flares up in summer heat when the plant is actively growing, allowing the bacteria to spread through the xylem of the plant. Retrieved July 12, from http:

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