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Video about wide birthing hips:

Why Do I Have Such Wide Hips?

Wide birthing hips. MODERATORS

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As a result, it has long been assumed that people with wider hips -- including, in theory, most women -- need to spend more energy to walk and run. During pregnancy and labor the hormone relaxin softens and relaxes the ligaments that join the pelvic bones, allowing the pelvis to give and 'stretch'. But guess what else?

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I know a women with really wide hips, and she ended up with a cesarean - what happened? Nevertheless, it is not clear whether women are aware of their own hip size and take it into account, subconsciously or not, when deciding whether to have sex. To understand the forces that have shaped the pelvis over time, Lewton is also looking to our primate relatives, from tiny pygmy marmosets all the way up to hulking pound gorillas. Lewton, Herman Pontzer, Daniel E.

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As a result, it has long been assumed that people with wider hips -- including, in theory, most women -- need to spend more energy to walk and run. Look at the picture below and check out the ligaments attached to the various parts of the pelvis. Hendrie argued that the breadth between the iliac crests is a "fairly good approximation of what we're after. They gauge their own personal danger from childbirth and adjust their sexual behavior accordingly.

The four types of female pelvis:

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They measured the distance between each woman's iliac crests, the bony protuberances of the hips that can be felt on the front of the body. If the baby engages in the pelvis in an anterior position, labour would be expected to be straightforward in most cases. That's a dissertation for someone else. Can a woman's hips be too small for a vaginal delivery?


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A laser scan of a human hip reveals detailed bony surface anatomy. The other is the moment arm from the center of the hip joint to the abductor muscles along the side of the hip. A new study found no connection between hip width and efficient locomotion, and suggests that scientists have long approached the problem in the wrong way.

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